Premium Cookbook Stand

PREMIUM Cookbook Stand, Perfect Reading Rest for Recipe Book, Ideal Cookbook Holder Or Reading Holder Stand Of Large To Small Book (Pine)


Product features:

  • Easily Adjusts to three different reading positions, allowing you to adjust the book stand in the most comfortable position. If you change your position, you can adjust the stand to meet your needs.
  • Reduces neck and back strains when reading. This book stand is a great solution for hands-free reading and allows you to relax your arms, neck, and back. When not in use it folds for easy storage
  • Is a great gift for book lovers or students in your life. This book holder makes it easier for students to take notes and complete homework assignments while conserving desk space.
  • Is helpful for readers who are suffering from arthritis and other maladies that make it difficult to hold a book for an extended period of time. This gives them the freedom to read without having pains.




This durable and attractive holder is the perfect addition to your home,
office, or dormitory. Designed to save space, this book holder helps
maximise the space you have, even if the area is small or cramped.

Eco Friendly
Since it is manufactured using quality Pine Wood and sturdy
hardware pieces, this book stand will serve you for years to come.

For people suffering from arthritis, this book stand offers them the freedom
to read 'hands-free.' Not only does this empower them with the ability to
read without putting stress on their hands, they do not have to worry
about the weight of the book, either. They are free to read heavier books
without straining their necks, their backs, their arms, and their hands.

Love By Students & Academia
This book stand is also very helpful for students. When reading coursework,
it assists in keeping the book open to the correct page and alleviates
muscle stress that is commonly associated with reading for extended
periods of time. Additionally, this frees up their hands so that they can
more easily take notes or do calculations that are required
for mathematics, science, and other classes.

Kitchen mate
Other places this book stand comes in handy is in the kitchen. The durable
construction helps keep even the heaviest cookbooks in place, so your
favorite chef will have no problems cooking a new recipe with ease.

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