2 Stages Knife Sharpener

SunrisePro (TM) - 2 Stages 

 Knife Sharpener

PEACE OF MIND WITH CONFIDENCE: You don’t need years of experience to be able to sharpens your knives. Out of the box, SUNRISEPRO Kitchen Knife Sharpener enables you to achieve razor sharp kitchen knives.


Four strokes on each Coarse and Fine side, and your knives now seem even better than when they were first bought saving you money and prolong the life expectancy of them in the process.


GIVE LOVE AND CARE BACK INTO YOUR KNIVES: Put life back into your knives through the two slots - COARSE & FINE - that produced very fine sharpening.

EASY TO HOLD AND SHARPENS VERY FAST - Small enough to easily fit in a utensil drawer. Very well made. PLEASE NOTE - This kitchen knife sharpener was built to work with steel knives only, and it should not be utilized with ceramic or serrated knives.

Do You Experience Any Of The Following Frustrations:

  1. Frustrated of buying new knives, over and again because it is easier to buy new ones than to sharpens an existing one?
  2. You have bunch of dull, lifeless knives in your kitchen draw that you feel you want to throw them away, but holding you back because they have sentimental value?
  3. Developed slight phobia after cutting yourself from a blunt or dull knife in the past while cutting meat or slicing vegetables etc.,
  4. Not looking forward to cutting meat or vegetables etc., when time to prepare the family dinner because over time, your kitchen knives have became dull!.

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, you have found the product that solve your FRUSTRATIONS!

Introducing SUNRISEPRO Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Two Stages sharpening system:

First stage [Course]: This slot is perfectly suitable for dull or blunt knives. To bring your dull, lifeless knife, pulled 2-4 times through the ‘Course’ section.

Second stage [Ceramic Fine]: This slot is perfectly suitable for daily use of knife such as sharpening it prior to cutting a meat or vegetables to speed up the cutting process.

TIP: To achieve Super Sharp Knife, pulled 2-4 times through the ‘Course’ section then repeat with ‘Fine’ section.

Product Features:

a) Quality, attractive and light weight product;

b) Out of the box, you can sharpen your knives without needing to use water or oil etc;

c) Different colors to choose from: Black, Green, White & Black;

d) Built-In Simple Easy To Follow Instruction.


IMPORTANT: Not suitable for ceramic or serrated knives.